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Publishers Total Sales Additional Services


Publishers Total Information Services:

The BPR Newsstand System (NSS) is the most sophisticated, flexible, and integrated publisher-based software reporting system in the industry. Designed by publishing veteran Barry Ross and used by leading newsstand publishers, the NSS system can be customized to integrate your accounting and sales reporting, provide store-level data, and create any package of management reports to meet your needs.  


Publishers Total Telemarketing Services:

Publishers Total Telemarketing Services was created to help publishers to develop the all-important market of specialty retail stores. PTTS is the only company whose exclusive focus is the independent specialty stores. If you want to target-market to your most important potential customers, look at what PTTS has to offer. 


Publishers Search Engine Optimization Services:

SEO is key to optimizing the traffic and conversions on your web site. PSEO offers the most complete and cost-effective SEO service available. 


Publishers Content Management Solutions:

For flexible, cost-effective ongoing website updates, it may be that a CMS provider is the best solution. Through PCMS we can find the best content management provider to meet your needs, whether large or small. 


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