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You Can Do So with my “Ways to Win Workshops” Series—A Monthly How-To Giving You the Tools to Win with Your Newsstand Sales.

linda ruth, newsstand expert "ways to win" workshop director

Linda Ruth, Newsstand Expert
"Ways to Win" workshop director

The magazine retail sales environment, these days, is not for the faint of heart. 

Every day it seems there are new challenges to face, new threats to your single copy sales profitability.

Wholesalers are asking for bigger discounts.  Anderson News is cutting copies out of your allotments.  Barnes and Noble won’t let you polybag, or they won’t take your special issue.  Wal*Mart will no longer permit split price testing.

It can seem daunting.

Growing up I was taught that for every problem, there is a solution.  If you’re creative enough, savvy enough, and can think “outside the box,” you’ll find ways around it.

It’s true.

That’s why I’ve put together my “Ways to Win Workshop” series.


“The best article on Covers for newsstand I’ve ever read—more great information communicated very effectively.  Please share with anyone on your staff”

Bob Kaslik, Vice President of Newsstand Sales, Interweave Press

This series will help pull you out of difficulties, jump start your newsstand circulation, increase your profit per copy.  It will make you a newsstand marketing hero.

How to Be a Newsstand Marketing Hero

Samir Husni has said that the wholesalers are not dying.  They are committing suicide.

Some of my colleagues—and yours—insist that print is dying as well.  With the advent of the internet, they say, there is no place for paper and ink sold at retail.

Well, that just is not my experience.  And it doesn’t have to be yours

Thanks to Linda's guidance, we've increased our sales 500% in just two years.

--Catherine Lee, Publisher, Discovery Girls magazine

It can take years of experience and lots of contact with the field to develop and identify strategies that are effective for newsstand publishers.  Fortunately, though, you can use other people’s experience and expertise to grow your own sales and profitability.  That’s what the Ways to Win Workshop series helps you to do.

Yes!  I want to join the Ways to Win Workshop Series.

I want to learn what the most significant challenges in the industry are today, and how the most successful publishers are meeting them.

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Learning from the Experience of the Top Newsstand Publishers.

For every issue you face—rising costs, high returns, reduced margin—other publishers, large and small, face the same issues.  And other publishers are trying different tactics and techniques for staying alive and growing in the challenging newsstand environment.

With my Ways to Win Workshop series, you can learn from the experience of those who’ve already been there.

What Has Worked Already

Each month, each issue, we’ll be looking at some of the most pressing issues facing publishers today:

  • Cover pricing strategies for maximum sales—and revenue
  • What newsstand pros know that they never tell anybody
  • Three things you can do to increase sales--today
  • How your newsstand strategy and web strategy can complement one another
  • The easiest, quickest way to improve your bottom line

And with this workshop series you will get:

  • Our monthly Special Report: Ways to Win Workshops
  • A special “Ways to Win with Newsstand Covers” guide—FREE with this Workshop Series.
  • FREE access to our monthly newsstand forum, and
  • A half hour FREE consulting on the Workshop topic of the month

The value here is amazing"

This is just as good as it gets.  Working with Linda has been as good for…the many publishers who participated as Mom’s apple pie.

Ted Majerek Sr., Chairman, Majerek’s Hall of Cards and Books

A Year of Growing Knowledge for the Price of One Seminar

It takes years of experience to build up this kind of toolkit.  Fortunately, you can learn from the experts and shorten the process considerably.  Workshop leaders include:

Linda Ruth, Workshop Leader

Linda Ruth has taught at the major conferences, seminars, and magazine industry events for the past 20 years.

She will teach you how to set up an effective newsstand program, how to maximize the impact of your covers, and how to increase your sales, revenue, and profit through all channels.

Enroll today to learn from Linda Ruth.

Barry Ross, Information Specialist

Barry Ross has developed the Newsstand Sales System, the most sophisticated model available for publishers wishing to use information effectively

He has worked with major newsstand publishers to control the flow of information, reconcile sales with accounting, and simplify the world of newsstand numbers.  He will show you ways to make your information work for you.

Enroll today to learn from Barry Ross.

Fabian Bourgeois, Retail Sales Expert

The founding president of Star Vision, Fabian Bourgeois has re-vitalized marketing to specialty outlets for publishers.

He will show you ways to create specialty programs that will strengthen your sales and provide value to your advertisers.


Enroll today to learn from Fabian Bourgeois.

These experts, and more, will be your mentors in growing your sales this year.

"The level of experience is invaluable" 
With the many responsibilities and challenges newsstand faces, this team has the experience, expertise, follow up and skill to take your magazine further, faster..

Siara Nazir, Publisher, Woman International

Have you thought for a moment what it would be worth to have this kind of inside knowledge?

An experienced newsstand director will cost you well over $100,000 per year.  That’s what you’ll pay for the kind of knowledge and experience we’re talking about.

Working without this knowledge is even more costly.  A point not gained in efficiency, a key retailer not authorized, a cover whose pull in not maximized—any one of these will cost you many thousands of dollars.

What we are offering is worth that—and more

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"Ways to Win Workshops"

This Series of Workshops, packed with must have information, is valued at:


But, you have an instant opportunity that will save you thousands of dollars off of the program's future price. Your net tuition is only


This package includes the complete monthly workshop series delivered via email or regular mail, plus Bonuses.

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By Request: We've received feedback that some would prefer to spread out their tuition. So, we've set up a payment plan.

3 Monthly Installments of


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Some very important things you should know:

Please read this carefully

Because this workshop series includes up to a half an hour per month FREE consulting, we are going to have to limit participation in this aspect of the program.

Only 30 Live Spots Available

Only the first 30 students who enroll will have guaranteed access to the FREE consulting time. Anyone who signs up after that will still get every last bit of the information, but will not be able to speak directly to Linda Ruth on a guaranteed basis.

Bonus Teleseminars

In addition to the breakthrough interviews with the three newsstand experts, I've also arranged for the following two additional recorded teleseminars. Each one valued at $395 (they'll likely be sold separately later). The first 30 students also get to attend these sessions live.

Fabian Bourgeois, Retail Sales Expert

The founding president of Star Vision, Fabian Bourgeois has re-vitalized marketing to specialty outlets for publishers.

He will show you ways to create specialty programs that will strengthen your sales and provide value to your advertisers.

This is a $395 Value

Enroll today to learn from Fabian Bourgeois, Retail Sales Expert.


Limited Additional Bonus

"One on One Cover Clinic"

For the first 15 people who sign up, we will also offer an hour working with your newsstand covers over the past year to identify what has worked and what has not, and to set up a template for future success in your newsstand cover work.

Because of the personal interaction  
in this session, this session is  
limited to the first 15 students  
who enroll in the "Ways to Win" Workshops


Additional Bonuses!

And signing up for this workshop series, remember, you also get a copy of our FREE special report, Ways to Win with Newsstand Covers.

All together, these bonuses are worth an additional $995, but it's yours free when you enroll today in "Ways to Win" Workshops.

My Promise to You

I have a very simple promise to make to you. If my "Ways to Win" Workshop series is not everything I've said it is, and if it doesn't for any reason live up to your expectations, you can ask for a full and complete refund.

You've got 30 days to think about it, from the date the workshops begin. That should give you plenty of time to sample our workshops, and familiarize yourself with some of the invaluable bonus material as well.


I hope you think so, because I've been told it's more than fair.

If you honestly believe you’re not learning, you get your money back. Simple as that.



How To Enroll Now

Remember, the first 30 students will have the benefit of up to half an hour FREE consulting time for each month of the first year—GUARANTEED.  And the first 15 students will have the additional benefit of a live cover consultation with a foremost industry expert.

Notices will be posted here and emails will be sent when these levels are reached and the opportunity is gone.

You'll get the Entire "Ways to Win" series, valued at $5000, for only $1195. That's a savings of $3805.

Plus, you get the Bonus Teleseminars with Linda Ruth and Barry Ross (Total Value, $790.00)

That's a Total Value of $5790.00

You can Enroll Today for

Still Only $1195

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I always stand here with the singular goal of your success. I've worked hard to make it apparent to you that there is a big change coming in your life by the end of this program.

Please, don't miss this opportunity.

To Your Success!


P.S. One other thing I feel compelled to tell you about.

We also have a weekly series of FREE TIPS that will help you improve your sales on the newsstand.  This will prove a nice little adjunct to the “Ways to Win” Series.  Sign up for Ways to Win and we will automatically enroll you in our Weekly Tips.

Just choose One Installment or Three Installments to reserve your space.



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